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Mufti Taqi Usmani Demands Ban On Muharram Processions


Islamic scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani has urged the government to impose a ban on processions led out by the Shia community to commemorate Muharram, saying these gatherings are not an ‘integral part of the Shia belief system’.

The cleric said these processions result in obstruction of routine life and business and if they are not ‘mandatory’ then there is no reason for the government to allow these gatherings.

“If it is not possible to impose a ban on these gathering, then they could be contained in a specific area so that they do not cause suspension of businesses and other activities,” he suggested.

According to Usmani, he suggested this to the government for the sake of national security.

In the same statement, the cleric urged the government to award punishments to people who ridicule ‘companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’ in processions and make relevant laws so that such incidents could be curtailed.

Rise in anti-Shia sentiments:

Over the past month, extremists held two rallies in Karachi against the minority Muslim community. In a rally held in the second week of September, the participant chanted hate slogans, such as ‘Shia kafir’ against the members of the Shia community and demanded a ban on Muharram processions.


Since the start of Muharram, there has been an increase in hate campaigns against Shia groups and subsequent blasphemy allegations for reciting Ziyarat-e-Ashura — a prayer that denounces the killers of Imam Hussain. Moreover, a number of Shia orators were detained across the country for allegedly making blasphemous statements against some companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Sudden rise in blasphemy cases against Shias:

At least 42 cases pertaining to blasphemy were registered across Pakistan in a single month. Most of those accused of blasphemy belonged to the Shia community, who have been booked under 295-A and 298 sections of the Pakistan Penal Code for allegedly ‘insulting the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’.

Similarly, members of Ahmadiyya and Christian communities are also among the people accused of blasphemy. Blasphemy accusations arhighly inflammatory in deeply conservative Pakistan and have in the past sparked mob lynchings, vigilante murders, and mass protests.

Amid a rise in such cases, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said it was ‘gravely concerned’ at the recent surge in blasphemy cases being registered against sectarian and religious minorities, particularly the Shia community, and the potential for ensuing sectarian violence. It said the police must also refrain from registering blasphemy cases so promptly, knowing full well the sensitive implications of doing so when such complaints are often fabricated and spurred on by personal vendettas.

Anti-Shia wall chalking appears in Karachi ahead of PM’s visit:

Days after a Shia cleric was booked for alleged blasphemous remarks, anti-Shia wall chalking — a hate practice common since the 80s — has reappeared in various neighbourhoods of Karachi.

According to a post shared on Facebook, the wall chalking also had flags of banned sectarian outfits next to it. “Today, Prime Minister and COAS are coming to Karachi and we can see how the decades-old wall chalkings of “Shia Kafir” started reappearing on the street walls of various neighbourhoods in Karachi with the flags of the banned militant outfits.”




  1. khan G September 17, 2020

    Usmani so called Allama you have no authority to impose your extremist ideology on others. Shias are the creators of pakistan and these processions are held not only in pakistan these are held across the world against Yazid and its followers. infact usmani exposed itself to be a Yazidi.

  2. Farrukh September 19, 2020

    When these third grade Mulla like Taqi Usmani demands “imposing ban on Muhurrum Juloos”on pretext of it not being mandatory of Shia belief then RSS can demand in India to impose similar ban on Muslims in India for example:
    1. RSS can demand ban on Friday prayer because Muslims crowd on road disrupt business.
    2. RSS can demand ban on Quran because it is blasphemous and condemn “idol worshipping”.
    3. If Mohammad had completed religion in his own lifetime then so called Caliph-hood is not “mandatory” part of Sunni Islam. There is NOT a single verse in Quran that says that Caliphs are “holy” and should not be condemned for their excesses in history. If Caliphs were so good then, they would not have killed their Mohammad’s grandson.

  3. Ahmed September 19, 2020


    Who needs enemies when you can talk for your self. With your comment you have shown the entire world of your limited intellect.

  4. Farrukh September 20, 2020

    I can assure you that I am far more educated and qualified than you. My mother is a Shia and father is a Sunni, so I don’t have any bias against anyone. I find hypocrisy among Muslims like you. This Mulla demands ban on Shia/Hindu/Christians should not be allowed to take procession because it disrupt business…after all same demand is made by RSS in India using same pretext that Friday prayers overflows and blocks the traffic hence Friday prayers be banned. Why RSS is bad and Mulla Taqi Usmani is good? I agree with this Mulla when he says that “Mohurrum” is not “mandatory”. But Caliph-hood and “reverence of Sahaba” is not mandatory…after all Islam was completed during the time of the Prophet. Caliph-hood was a later innovation, which is historical and not part of religion. If all Sahaba were good then there was no need of “sura Munafiqeen”. By taking parts in massacre of Karbala, many Sahaba proved that they were Munafiq. Mulla’s case of “all Sahaba being good” is neither supported by Quran nor by their actions.

  5. Farrukh September 20, 2020

    Unfortunately this Mulla NEVER went to a proper school. He wasted his life going to a Madersa and studying under a Ustad, who was equally illiterate and bigot. These types of Mullas give birth to terrorists. These types of third grade Mullas should either be sent to jail for life time or sent to China for attending “de-radicalisation” course.

  6. Ahmed September 20, 2020


    If Muslims in India block roads then they are wrong. RSS or any other organization is right in their demand of not allowing anyone to disrupt business.

    After seeing your logic. I won’t be replying to you. When you can’t see right from wrong.

  7. Farrukh September 20, 2020

    Only Jahil thug as this third grade Mulla will make UNCIVILISED demand such as:
    1. Non-Muslims should not be allowed to build new place of worship…..but Salafis should be allowed to build their Jehadi Centres (they call it mosque) all over the world……..this is called Munafiqat.
    2. Shia should not condemn Sahaba and Caliphs even though many of them were proven TYRANT…..but these thugs should be allowed to call “Abu Taleb as Kafir”….this is called Munafiqat.
    3. Shia should not carry out Mohurrum, because it is not “mandatory” requirement of Islam……but no one should question “Caliph-hood” even though it is not mandatory requirement …this is called Munafiqat.

    We all can see what is right and what is wrong………Jinnah (a Shia) made a mistake of making Pakistan…..because these ungrateful Mulla are EHSAN FARAMOSH….and do’nt know what the “freedom of religion” means……for these third grade Mulla “freedom for them” and “slavery for others”!!!

  8. Farrukh September 21, 2020

    This Mulla Taqi Usmani says that “processions” are bad……….because it causes disruption….I agree. But these Mulla two days in a row lead processions. Did not procession of Mulla Taqi Usmani disrupt normal life? If you strongly believe that “processions” are bad then you should not have lead “processions” to stop “processions”……But he is a Mulla….and majority of these Mulla are MUNAFIQ


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