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NUST Graduate Forced To Set Up Fruit Stall Due To Lockdown

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ISLAMABAD: An engineering graduate of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) established a fruit stall during the lull of Covid lockdown to support family and put ‘theory into practice’.

“I was free as all business activities were closed due to lockdown so I decided to set up a fruit stall to not only bring my theoretical learning into practice but to support my family financially,” says Usman Ashraf while talking to Naya Daur.

Usman Ashraf, a resident of Kasur, recently completed his BS in Electrical Power Engineering from NUST on a need based scholarship. The youngster completed his previous education on scholarships. When I was in Matric, I used to sell vegetables, he added.

“I had studied human resource management, communication skills, professional ethics, engineering economics and entrepreneurship, and the basic purpose of setting up this fruit stall was a practical implementation of my courses concepts and polish my customer handling and public interaction skills,” he said.

“As I had learned during my studies that locality matters in the growth of business, I selected an elite area for setting up my stall and so my experiment remained successful,” Usman said.

From this stall, I not only earned money to support my family, but came to know about the problems of fruit sellers and people’s behaviors while purchasing things.

“There are so many fruit sellers in our locality, so during the lockdown, I thought if they can sell fruits why can’t I? My family supports me in every manner to polish this idea and its implementation,” the engineering graduate says.

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  1. zeeshan August 15, 2020

    it is wrong. He is my class fellow and he is not forced to do it. Kindly don’t share negative things and don’t defame our institutions and our country.


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