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Former Envoy Kamran Shafi Reveals FO Never Acknowledged His Resignation Letter

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Former Pakistan envoy to Cuba Kamran Shafi said that the Foreign Office failed to acknowledge his resignation letter when he resigned from his post after the new government came to power.

“So, when I resigned my post as Ambassador to Cuba, I wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary, #TahminaJanjua on the lines: Now that the government that appointed me is no longer in office, it would be unconscionable of me to stay on, that I was hereby resigning,” he said in a series of tweet.

According to Shafi, he ‘thanked her and other officials for their support during my tenure. I added good wishes to her and the Foreign Ministry. I did not even get an acknowledgment! I have long held that ours is a graceless, arrogant State. Of course, #Cruel (to its own people) to boot!”

“Should’ve added ‘When Election 2018 had been stolen by the Agriculture Deptt. with a view to #ROBBING the PMLN of victory and selecting Imran Khan and hamnawa,” he tweeted.



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