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103-Year-Old Chitral Man Recovers From Coronavirus

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A 103-year-old man has successfully defeated coronavirus in the Upper Chitral district after spending two weeks in a hospital.

According to reports, Aziz Abdul Alim was admitted to the Aga Khan Health Services Emergency Response Centre after testing positive for coronavirus.

During his two-week stay at the hospital, Alim managed to regain his strength without requiring supplemental oxygen. He was discharged from the hospital after his condition was stabilised.

“We treated Aziz as a high-risk patient given his advanced age and provided him with appropriate medical care along with psychosocial and moral support, equally important during these distressing times,” a doctor was quoted by the report as saying.

In a short span of time we have successfully treated 59 Covid-19 patients in the newly-set up facility – many of whom were elderly,” he said.

New coronavirus cases in Pakistan have continued to decline in the past few weeks. But health experts are skeptical about the government’s claim, warning it is too early to declare victory against the virus that has already infected more than 250,000 people across the country with near 5,500 deaths, while around 70% of the patients have recovered.


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