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‘Police Acted As Malik Riaz’s Mouthpiece’, Says Lawyer After Uzma Khan Withdraws Case

Actress Uzma Khan has withdrawn the case against Malik Riaz’s daughters and relative, calling the attack on the house a ‘misunderstanding’. The actor’s sister Huma Khan withdrew the complaint on Uzma Khan’s behalf and said that she was not tortured. “I sustained injuries due to a glass that fell off the table.”

Journalist Rai Saqib Kharal tweeted on social networking site Twitter that the actress had withdrawn n the case against Malik Riaz’s family after submitting her plea to the police and court and the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding.

Journalist Saqib Kharal also tagged Uzma Khan’s lawyer Hassan Niazi in his tweet.

Previously, Hassan Niazi, nephew of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, son of renowned analyst Hafeezullah Niazi said that it might be possible for my father and uncle to be sold off but ‘Hassan does not have a price tag’.

He further said that ever since he took up the Uzma Khan case, he was told that people from our team will be sold.

Hassan Niazi made it clear to his opponents that he was not going to be sold.

Speaking further in the interview, Hassan Niazi revealed that his people are selling their soul for Rs 2 to 4 crore. He said that a common man’s price has been put, and that he could have also compromised after taking the money.

“I live in a rented house. I was offered a plot and a house, but I stand for justice, I do not want anything,” he said.

Besides criticizing the government and Punjab police, he said that the government has fallen to their knees in front of Malik Riaz, our police has become the mouthpiece of Malik Riaz.

Elaborating further on the police, he said, “I was informed that two police officers were on their way to Malik Riaz’s house, but halfway through, they may have seen something or they may have been bought back.”

On the other hand, Khadija Siddiqui, the other lawyer involved in the Uzma Khan case, said in her tweet that we are announcing our separation from the Uzma Khan case, but our struggle against lawlessness will continue.


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