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Bodies Of Deceased Overseas Pakistanis Allegedly Lying Unburied In Saudi Arabia

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Bodies of several deceased overseas Pakistanis are allegedly lying unburied in Saudi Arabia as the government of the KSA has not arranged their burial and the Pakistan embassy in the KSA has also turned a blind eye. Local MPA Inayatullah claims that bodies of 74 deceased Pakistani men from Upper and Lower Dir have been left to decay in Saudi Arabia because the government did not assist with their burial.

Senior journalist Saleem Safi uploaded a picture of workers graves in Saudi Arabia along with their burial details.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari also said in an interview in the month of April that over 21,000 overseas Pakistanis were laid off from their jobs without any notice or paid leaves.

Arab News also reported on the number of overseas Pakistanis who lost their lives to the pandemic and said that the Pakistani government has not collected exact figures yet, but they are trying to bring back dead bodies free of cost from the Gulf States.

The SAPM said, “Many Pakistanis have died due to the coronavirus but we do not have the exact numbers. We are trying to collect the data but different countries are not providing us the breakdown of the nationalities of COVID-19 victims,” he said, adding that PIA had brought back 17 dead bodies from the UAE during the last few weeks and will bring back around 10 dead bodies stuck in Saudi Arabia.


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