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Review | ‘Mom’ Will Send You In A Whirlwind Of Negative And Positive Vibes

No spoilers, hopefully. Here goes a very brief review:

I’ll start from the darkest of the dark; the plot. Intense. Quite intense. The story is amazingly well-weaved around the complexities of its characters; their lethargy, dilemmas, vengeance, and most of all – their conscience. It encompasses meticulous details of a sad incidence from the perspective of a mother, unfolds incompetence of judiciary, highlights societal perils for youngsters, and aptly depicts the upheaval for vengeance when injustice supersedes reason on the basis of procedural and illicit documentation.

From the beginning to the end, it remains consistently captivating, as the story moves from incidence to incidence on just the right pace, building up logical connections between a coherent sequence of happenings, at times through flashback technique, yet mostly chronologically. All in all, it seems like the multi-layered plot holds just the right amount of details of everything and that is what makes it even more impressive!

As for the acting, it is needless to comment when such big guns as Sri Devi, Adnan Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Akshay Khanna are in the lead. Sajal Ali, though a novel actor, displayed great potential for serious roles in movies by playing the victim of societal ills in contrast with the previous lovey-dovey roles she debuted with. Not for a single moment did any of the characters seemed awkward or overplayed. The flawless rhythm and harmony they created onscreen, especially in scenes depicting their family life, speaks high of the expertise and professionalism these actors are known for.

Talking about scenes, most of them were well directed and beautifully choreographed, keeping the mystery intact. There were instances, however, where lesser use of blood on faces and teeth could have served the purpose, but then it’s a mere opinion based on observation and not experience nor expertise.

Similarly, background score at some places seemed a little off or perhaps irrelevant, like the scenes where the daughter is on the hospital bed, or the one from the last scene sequel where the mom is attacked by the last culprit (spoilers genuinely unintended).

So all in all, in the lineage of Bollywood films addressing grave issues, this is an unexpectedly good movie which sends you in a whirlwind of negative and positive vibes throughout! I spent an absolutely amazing time watching it and hence I would recommend it very highly!

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