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Protective Equipment Donated To The US Was Gifted By Armed Forces Not Govt: NDMA Chief

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National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lt Gen Mohammad Afzal has said that the personal protective equipment (PPE) gifted to the United States by Pakistan was a donation from Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the armed forces, not the government or NDMA.

He was addressing a press conference about the coronavirus relief efforts on Tuesday. He further clarified that a PAF plane was meant to bring some airplane parts from the US. While sending the plane back, they decided to dispatch PPP in it instead of sending it empty. He termed it a goodwill gesture by the PAF as a response to American donation of 22 ventilators to Pakistan.

Last week, Pakistan had gifted a plane loaded with surgical masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to America as a ‘token of friendship’ and ‘solidarity’ during the global coronavirus pandemic.

United States Secretary of State Department Mike Pompeo had appreciated Pakistan’s ‘goodwill’ donation and said, “This delivery is a symbol of US-Pakistan solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.”


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