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Peshawar Dancer Brutally Murdered In ‘Revenge Attack’

A dancer Saba Gul was killed in Khazana area of Peshawarr and her body was dumped in a sack in the desert. Saba Gul’s body was found a few days ago in the jurisdiction of Khazana police station.

Police took the body into custody and started an investigation. According to the police, Saba Gul was killed on the orders of Qamar, a resident of Wadpagha. Qamar’s wife had gone to her house following an aggressive argument the husband had with her. In order to persuade her to come back, the husband asked his brother in law, to send his wife home or else he would murder the brother-in-law’s girlfriend.  The murderer was friends with Qamar’s brother-in-law Qaba Gul.

The matter was not settled and the killer, also Qamar’s friend, shot the girlfriend, a local dancer, while Muzam escaped after the incident. According to the investigation team, in Saba Gul case, a woman took her to the killer under the pretext of party. She has been arrested.

SP Rural Captain R Najamul Hassan confirmed the incident and said that two accused including a woman were arrested in Saba Gul murder case. The main accused will also be in the custody of the police soon. The FIR of Saba Gul’s murder has been registered in the Khazana Police Station on the complaint of her father.

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