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Governor Imran Ismail Says Coronavirus Is Just A Flu, Twitter Reacts

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Sindh Governor Imran Ismail is facing backlash on social media for downplaying the coronavirus pandemic. In a tweet, he said that the fatal virus was just a flu nothing else.

The corona-positive governor posted a tweet on Twitter, saying: “Coronavirus is a flu, and if we start media discussion on the data of all flu patients, it will appear to be very alarming. Same holds true for any other common ailment.” He said that the ‘dirty politics’ have caused more chaos and an environment of uncertainty than the disease itself.

Social media users on Twitter aren’t happy with the governor for taking the deadly virus so lightly. Journalist Sheharyar Rizwan said, “Hey Twitter, this person is a provincial governor and spreading false news about the coronavirus and undermining the threats from it.”

Another user replied to the tweet of Imran Ismail and said, “No sense of responsibility whatsoever! A public office whose word could save or take lives but that is certainly nothing of your concern.”

Last month, the governor Sindh had blamed the people of the province for transmitting the deadly coronavirus to him during his visit to interior Sindh. While talking to a private TV channel, he said: “People of Interior Sindh have not been educated about the virus. During my visit, they came very close to me due to which I contracted coronavirus.”


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