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Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Financial Struggles Before Entering The Industry

In an interview with Reema Khan, Ayesha Omar revealed the struggles of her childhood during a Ramzan telecast on EMAX tv. Actress and Stylist, Ayesha Omar who is a VJ from the better times of Pakistani music channels, later turned famous because of Bulbulay, talks about how empathy is one of the most important lessons of her life.

She says to Reema, “People who go through tough times and truly experience what it is like to live with a single parent, learn how to empathize with others also.” She reminisces on her childhood, where she did not have the resources to buy expensive clothes and would have to wear secondhand clothes given by her elder cousins, because her own mother was struggling to make both ends meet.


She also shared how her mother worked as a driver and would pick and drop schoolchildren for a living.

Ayesha, also recently bagged the Hum Style Award in the category, Style Icon, in the year 2019, and said that means everything to her and is a great realisation of one achieving their goals if they work for it tirelessly.

She also added that the lockdown can get incredibly lonely even for the best of us, and all one needs to do is shift our perspective towards it. “I have food to eat and a roof over my head, these are the things I am most thankful for.”


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