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Stop Blaming Women For Calamities And Look Within: Dr Ghamidi Tells Clerics

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Islamic scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi has asked the clerics to stop blaming women for natural calamities and to look at major sins that are deep-rooted in the Pakistani society.

Javed Ghamidi, while giving an interview to journalist Shahzaib Khanzada on his show, commented on the clerics’ opinion that natural calamities occur due to ‘immodest women’. He said that the pandemics and natural disasters don’t discriminate and occur as per the law of God, and their phenomenon has nothing to do with any particular gender.

“I never understand why we start discussing the clothes of women while talking about the ills of our society. The religious segment totally ignores the major sins in our society such as adulteration even in medicines, and highlights what women’s deeds,” he added.

On Tuesday, renowned Islamic preacher Maulana Tariq Jameel finally apologised for blaming ‘immodest women’ for the spread of deadly coronavirus in Pakistan during the live telethon on Thursday. The cleric took to Twitter to issue a clarification regarding his remarks that were criticised by many segments of society.

He said, “Recently I made some comments that I wish to clarify. My aim was to point out that we are all to blame for our current state. It was meant to be a general remark not targeting any specific men, women, persons or gender.”

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  1. Muhammad Ali April 30, 2020

    Ghamidi SB doctor kab sa ban gae………..

  2. Liaqat Ashraf May 16, 2020

    If Tariq Jameel can become Maulana then Ghamdi can be a doctor any day.
    Rigid Mullahs are women haters in frustration because they see sinners like me having fun and they can’t.
    Solution is to take out their frustration by giving them a paid tour of Hiramandi, Moulin Rouge Cabaret, Wandas strip club, Miami topless beach, Vegas Casinos. etc. They will then become light hearted
    all-incusive broad minded flexible good muslims and serve Islam better and will not need the temptation of 72 falsely promised virgins. They will become better company on earth and have better time in heaven being able to enjoy seeing the creator in heaven than breaking virginities.

  3. Liaqat Ashraf May 16, 2020

    Re Saudi channel advocating better relationship with Israel.

    Best news from Muslim world. Let’s hope in our life we also hear
    ” 56 Muslim countries want justice
    Enforced, abolishing nepotism and ‘Rigga’ Influence peddling.
    Guaranteeing Free Press and took out the condition to close down Al Jazira.

    Prophet sm met Jews adjucated their disputes as per Torah ( not as per thalmud).
    If we can have good relations with the creators of Israel…Britain a country which destroyed Ottomons, Iran, Iraq, Moghals/India etc then why can’t we open dialogue with Israel.
    Why have secret deals with them as a
    India does. Instead we claim open recognition.

    The 7 decade open, hypocritical, show-off, without reason hatred made them look vulnerable inviting 3 billion dollar aid on first of every year and latest mouth watering aircrafts like F22 Raptors and probably F35 too.

    When israel can be friends with Germany then why can’t we talk to them. Right now Pampeo is sitting in Jerusalem supervising annexation of more occupied territory contravening UN Charter
    Which was Created by they themselves.
    While We do injustice internally on our own, they are just internally but do
    Inustice internationally. Who is smart ??.


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