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PM Imran Fears Number Of Coronavirus Cases Will Increase By May 20

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a video conference, said that he feared the situation of Covid-19 will get worse by May 20, adding that the marginalised communities will be worst hit.

He also said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was concerned about those affected by the crisis.

The PM, however, reiterated that the situation in Pakistan was much better compared to other countries but expressed fears that the coronavirus cases could rise by May 20.

He reassured that the government was trying to equip the hospitals for when the things get worse but it would still be a challenge. He requested the critics to not use the pandemic as a political curve and to support the government instead.

He also said that the lockdown has been eased only keeping the daily wage workers in mind.

PM Imran said that leaders around the world had made mistakes in dealing with the pandemic and had been reprimanded by media. He said that the Government of Pakistan had taken steps beforehand keeping in mind the interests of the people.

The PM also shrugged off the media reports that claim that Pakistan has had a rise in corona related deaths, saying that they haven’t been verified responsibly.

He also added that the claims being made against the government about misreporting the coronavirus deaths are flawed.

Khan quoted an incident from the Islamic history claiming that the virus is just a trial from Allah and that Pakistan will emerge stronger than ever.

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