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Pakistan Sees Sudden Surge In New Coronavirus Cases Despite Decrease In Testing

Despite a decrease in coronavirus testing in Pakistan, especially in Punjab, there has been a sharp surge in the number of new cases in the country since April 22. The government of Pakistan website set up to document all COVID-19 related updates suggests that there has been a massive hike in new cases, which is more than 600 daily, since April 22.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claims that the rise in number of cases is because of ‘increased testing’ but that does not seem to be a plausible reason for the surge, as testing has decreased especially in Punjab, according to the date provided by the government itself. The tests that have come out positive have increased despite the decreasing number of coronavirus tests being conducted.

The image shows spike in cases in the last three days as compared to fall in testing over the last three days.

PTI supporters have been claiming that the spike in cases is because of rise in tests, which has been proved to be incorrect. The reason seems to be the failure of the government’s ‘smart lockdown’.


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