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Pakistan Has Not Received Any International Funds To Fight Coronavirus, Says PM

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan has not received any international funds to be able to deal with the coronavirus crisis. He said that no global organisation has come to front, even though the number of coronavirus cases in the country have heightened to 11,500 and the death toll is being approximated at 240.

In a meeting with journalists and social media influencers, the PM said that what’s coming after the pandemic is going to be an even bigger challenge for the rest of the world. He still claims that it is going to be better for Pakistan than Europe and the United States.

PM Khan also said that the underprivileged people are going to be the worst hit by the lockdown. “I did not want to impose the lockdown as it would increase the miseries of the labourers and daily wagers. 75% of them are not even registered,” he sighed.

The remittances from overseas Pakistanis have also stopped flowing in and Pakistan’s economy is badly hit by the pandemic. Despite severe hardships, no country or global organisation lent even a single dollar, he said, only International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave relief in repayment of loans.

He said that Pakistan’s economy cannot afford a strict lockdown, and no one can predict around the world, when the pandemic will be over, so the government will be relaxing the lockdown gradually, in phases.

PM Imran further said that the government will introduce track and trace system with the help of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, adding that it would help in identifying coronavirus hot-spots across the country.


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