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    Indian Artists Found Guilty Of Terrorism For Collaborating With Pakistani Counterparts

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    While the physical world had come to a standstill in the wake of a global pandemic, people turned towards the virtual world for solace. Social Media, a strange place, that keeps you cordoned off but also connected to the dear ones, as we would like to believe became a saving grace and kind citizens of the world thanked it for providing enough entertainment to keep their heightened depression and loss of productivity at bay.

    Social Media, when reached for comment, claimed that it was the chosen one, ‘whose true purpose of existence had come to be realized.’ However, the facade of innocence was soon lifted, for the only thing that was not thwarted in the terror of coronavirus was ‘terror’ itself. Because of unavailability of physical targets, terrorism has shifted its focus online and was seen spreading its nefarious wings through Social Media.

    Turns out that  the internet can connect people to each other from every corner of the world (terms and conditions apply). Many were baffled as to how the internet with its vast knowledge could be like their own selves, in the sense that it was unaware of who was using it. One of the earliest detected instances of online terrorism was the recruitment of naïve Rekha Bhardwaj by the two Pakistani musical terrorists to sing on Instagram Live.

    One of them, was Farida Khanum, a longtime legend, belonging to the classical wing. The other one, Ali Sethi, a newbie who has amassed quick fame from cover-song operations, also owing to his origin from the Sethi tribe. Together, the three hummed ‘Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo’ perhaps suggesting that their plan was in full motion today. Their killer notes, coupled with the unbearable sadness in the song can be seen as a conspiracy to kill thousands with the weapon of sorrow.

    Some other skirmishes included a video uploaded on March 31, by two Indian cricketers threatening the public to make donations for a Pakistani charity run by Shahid Afridi. Yuvraj and Harbhajan were criticized by local Indians for supporting a country where it was reported that minorities were denied ration, instead of focusing on their own country where a minority is being denied citizenship. Some users on Twitter added fuel to fire by mentioning how Yuvraj shook hands with Pakistan’s cricket team (belonging to sports terrorism wing), after India’s defeat in the ICC Champions Trophy, 2017, which was highly un-sports-man-like of him.

    However, a notable incident prompted swift response from The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), the Artistic Terror Watchdog of India. The agency took action after Indian Singer Hardeep Kaur and Designer Vijay Arora did an online concert with the most notorious heart-breaker, also known as, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, whose voice has often recklessly destroyed lives.

    The circular expressed inexplicable pain with the recent robbery of senses by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and reminded Indian artists to form a non-cooperation agreement between artists. With this, FWICE believes that it has ensured that the vast Indian population is unable to enjoy Pakistani terrorism through the internet. When asked about how the previous incidents came to life by escaping their stronghold, the authority said that it was looking into the unfortunate circumstance of a borderless internet having failed to submit its paperwork and visa documentation to Indian authorities.

    The article is a piece of satire.

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