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Hassan Nisar’s Son Living In Poverty After Being Abandoned By Father

Son of prominent journalist Hassan Nisar is reportedly living in abject poverty after being abandoned by his father. Shahper Hassan is currently unemployed and lives in a rented room and is unable to even pay for the room.

He requested his father to help him because he does not have a job. I don’t even have the money for food, he said.

“I request my father to help me financially or arrange a job for me”, he said.

Shahper has been a journalist and remained affiliated with various media houses in Pakistan before moving to the UAE. In a video that went viral on social media, he says that he was working in UAE before coming to Pakistan. After coming back to the country, he could not find the means to earn a living and is forced to live in poverty.

Naya Daur tried to contact Hassan Nisar for his comment and is awaiting a response.


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