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Hassan Nisar’s 3 Sons Accuse Him Of Severely Mistreating Them And Their Mother

Renowned journalist Hassan Nisar’s son Qunain Hassan has accused his father of severely mistreating him and his two brothers. He said that his father is not in touch with him and his two brothers and refuses to meet them.

A few days ago, Hassan Nisar’s other son Shahper Hassan appeared in a video that went viral on social media, saying that he is forced to live in poverty after being abandoned by his father. Shahper’s siblings have now confirmed his claims.

In an interview with digital outlet Pak TV, Qunain Hassan said he along with his brother Shahper recently went to see their father to ask for financial help, but he refused to meet them. He also said that his brother Shahper Hassan is not mentally stable due to the circumstances.

Further, he said that his father would mistreat his mother and the children by beating them up. Their mother passed away a few years ago.

“I last saw my father at my grandmother’s funeral four years ago when I went to help in her burial as per her will”, he said. He further said that he wrote a letter to Hassan Nisar requesting him to buy a house for his sons, but he refused.

However, he said that he still loved his father despite everything.


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