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Activist Alamgir Wazir Arrested After Students Solidarity March Released On Bail

Student activist and nephew of MNA Ali Wazir, Alamgir Wazir, was released from jail on Friday, after being granted bail by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Rights activists had joined hands in a campaign on social media to ask for his bail saying that he was wrongfully arrested merely for his presence at the Students Solidarity March held in November last year.

He was accused of making an ‘anti-state’ speech at the Students’ March and the police charged him with sedition.

In his speech, he said that the students rights should not only be limited to student unions but they should also stand up against the injustice of the state and call them out.

The Student Solidarity March that took place in major cities of Pakistan in November demanded an end to surveillance on student campuses, a reduction in the tuition fee hike, end to campus violence and sexual harassment, restoration of student unions and end to privatization of institutions. The organisers of the march had claimed that they faced intimidation and hostilities at the hands of police while mobilising for the event.


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