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Punjab’s First Victim Of Coronavirus Contracted The Disease Locally

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On Tuesday, Punjab confirmed its first death from coronavirus as a 57-year-old man succumbed to his illness at Mayo Hospital. The deceased was a resident of Sheikhupura.

According to Dawn newspaper, the patient had no travel history and he had gotten the virus locally. This is the first reported death in Pakistan in which the virus was transmitted to the victim locally.

Official statistics claims that 19 patients tested positive for coronavirus in Punjab on Tuesday. Out of these 19 patients, seven cases were in Lahore.

Mayo Hospital Chief Executive Prof Dr Asad Aslam Khan said that the patient, Afrasiab, had visited Azad Kashmir after a death is his family, adding that he must have carried the virus there when he partook in the funeral prayers.

Dawn newspaper quoted the official as saying that Afrasiab was brought to the Mayo emergency late on Monday. After initial medical assistance, he was put on a ventilator as his condition deteriorated. But the efforts to save him could not bear fruit.


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