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‘Coronavirus Is Not A Death Certificate’: Survivor From KP Opens Up

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A novel coronavirus recovered patient from Peshawar has opened up about his experience of contracting coronavirus, living in isolation ward, and fighting against the pandemic. He said coronavirus was not a death certificate and he was the living example that every patient would not necessarily die of it.

The Express Tribune reported the story of a coronavirus survivor. The newspaper quoted the survivor as saying, “It all started on March 12 with high-grade fever and muscle soreness. I was feverish the whole night and my body ached all over. Next morning, I went to consult a local clinical pharmacist. He took my temperature. And I had a fever of 104 degrees.”

While talking about the symptoms, he said that the doctor prescribed some antibiotic along with the OTC fever reducers. “I took the meds and sweated profusely. But I couldn’t sweat out the fever. This is when I started having more symptoms, like chest pain, dry cough, and a painful throat. I was feeling awful. My gut instinct told me something was wrong,” he said.

The survivor said that on night of March 14, it had become very difficult for him to breath. “Then I went to the Northwest General Hospital in the neighbouring Peshawar district. I was tested negative for all the flu diseases. My travel history also suggested that it could be anything but COVID-19, although my symptoms indicated otherwise. Medics at Northwest General Hospital suspected that I had contracted coronavirus,” he added.

He said that the test reports came within 48 hours. This is when the doctors gave him the scary news that he didn’t want to hear. However, the doctors tried to reassure him that this respiratory disease has a mortality rate of less than 3%. “You’ve very good chances of beating the virus within a week,” a doctor told the survivor.

“Frankly, the fear of dying from the coronavirus didn’t cross my mind for once at the isolation ward. I had faith that God will cure me of this disease. My only concern was that nobody from my family and friends circle was allowed to see me. I was alone in my room, where the cellphone was my only companion,” he added.

He said that on March 23, he was tested again for coronavirus and fortunately it came out negative. He was declared virus-free and discharged the next day. Although, the doctors advised him self-isolation as a precautionary measure.

The survivor, while giving the advices to the general public, said: “if you’ve all the symptoms together, I’d advise you isolate yourself first to protect your family, and then get yourself tested for the coronavirus. I would say, don’t be scared; don’t panic because the coronavirus is not a death certificate. I’m a living example that you won’t necessarily die.”


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