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‘Missing Ex Attorney General Was Strangled To Death By SSP Mufakhar’

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A mutual friend of missing Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Mufakhar Adeel and former Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Shahbaz Tatla has claimed that the police officer had murdered the ex-AAG over business rivalry.

In his confessional statement to the police, Asad Bhatti, who is a mutual friend of SSP Adeel and ex-AAG Shahbaz has revealed that the cop had strangled Shahbaz to death, then he disposed off ex-AAG’s body by throwing it in a drum full of acid. Asad Bhatti was taken into custody by police after he was identified from a CCTV footage.

Asad further revealed that a police constable had washed the crime scene in the house, that was jointly rented by Adeel and Tatla some days ago.

SSP Adeel and former AAG Shahbaz were disappeared under suspicious circumstances a few days ago. Both the police officer and ex-AAG belonged to Narowal and were very close friends as they were often seen together in social gatherings.


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Naya Daur