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Govt School In Sajawal, Sindh Non-Functional For 12 Years

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Author Fatima Bhutto took to Twitter to share pictures of a government school in Sajawal, Sindh which is in a state of disarray and has been non-functional for 12 years.

She said that the condition of the school pointed to corruption of the provincial authorities, adding that no children have been educated in the village for the last 12 years as there is no other school in the area.

Further, Fatima lamented that Sajawal’s MPAs and MNAs are among the wealthiest and ‘most powerful’ people in Pakistan, but they are indifferent to the state of affair in their own constituencies.

In 2018, annual census report of the education and health departments of the province revealed that the number of students in government schools in Sindh had decreased to more than one million in the past six years, while 23,000 schools did not have access to electricity and 98% of them did not have labs.


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