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100-Year-Old Ahmadi Worship Place Handed Over To Vandalising Mob

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A 100-year-old Ahmadiyya community’s place of worship has been handed over to extremists, who reportedly forcibly occupied the worship place a few days ago.

According to Spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan Saleem-ud-Din, a mob broke into the place of worship on February 6. He said the administration did not take any action against this illegal possession and vandalism.

The Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan has issued a press release, saying that Ahmadis have been denied the right of worship in Kasur, and this action by local authorities is a clear violation of Supreme Court’s landmark decision by the then Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani in 2014.

Journalist Sabookh Syed took to Twitter to condemn this act of religious persecution, saying a religious group illegally occupied the Ahmadiyya community’s place of worship exactly at a time, when UN Secretary General was being convinced by Pakistan that there is complete interfaith harmony in the country.

Constitution of Pakistan guarantees every citizen the right to religious freedom and worship, local authorities must ensure the rights of all citizens of Pakistan irrespective of their faith. This is not the first time that Ahmadis have been denied fundamental constitutional rights and are being persecuted just because of their faith.

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