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PM Imran Criticised For Inviting Alleged Sexual Harasser Ukhano At Bani Gala

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Prime Minister Imran Khan held a meeting with digital influencers including vloggers and YouTubers on Sunday. The meeting has generated a controversy as people on social media have criticised the presence of an alleged sexual harasser, Ukhano, at the meeting.

A statement released by PM Imran Khan official Facebook account read, “Prime Minister Imran Khan meets a group of digital media representatives & experts.”

Twitterati have criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan for inviting Youtuber Umar Khan aka Ukhano at the meeting. They asked as to why the prime minister was meeting such controversial personalities. Ukhano was accused of sexual misconduct on social media by a number of women in July last year. Another YouTuber Juniad Akram who also attended the meeting was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.

Twitterati also called out some other YouTubers who were invited by the aides of PM Imran Khan.


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