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Families Of Shia Missing Persons Hold Silent Protest In Karachi

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A large number of mask-clad individuals staged a silent peaceful protest against enforced disappearances at Dou Talwar, Karachi.

The protest began with men, women and children, wearing masks and holding placards. National anthem was played followed by a series of songs on freedom and justice.

The protesters demanded the authorities to produce all missing persons in court and try them if they have committed any crime as stated in Article 10 of the constitution of Pakistan. They said that enforced disappearance is a crime and against the international laws of human rights, and constitution of Pakistan.

“When LEAs kidnap a person, not only does the person suffer but his family lives in perpetual fear. Their children are robbed of their childhood. Families struggle to meet the day to day demands of their daily lives without their bread earners”, the speakers said.

Protesters who addressed the demonstration also said that some missing persons’ mothers have died hoping to see their sons, some are on their deathbeds awaiting their loved ones. “Some children who are born after their disappearance and they have not seen their fathers.”

Despite all they have faced, the families of the missing persons have been peacefully protesting since 2017 to get their people back.

“The heirs of missing persons have invented new ways of storytelling their dismay and cry with masks and hoodies. Now it’s the state’s responsibility to deliver justice to the victims and uphold the rule of law and justice in the country.” the participants said.


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