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Shoaib Akhtar Clarifies Stance On Statements About Danish Kaneria Being Victimized

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Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar released a video on YouTube saying that people have made a controversy around his remarks on Danish Kaneria.

The cricketer on a PTV show had said that people in his team had discriminated against Danish Kaneria because he was a Hindu. They refused to eat him due to which Akhtar lashed out at them and said that he’ll ‘throw them out’ for such an attitude.

Akhtar used this video to clarify his stance and said that he said this for two particular reasons. First of all, he wanted to eliminate this racist culture from his team. He said that at that time Pakistan was going through a wave of extremism and he didn’t want that to get into the team as well.

He also said that this attitude did not reflect our culture and that is why he spoke out against team members who discriminatory comments.

The cricketer then said that this reaction to his team was also because he wanted Kaneria to get the recognition he deserved by other team members. According to Akhtar, they won matches because of Kaneria and people did not recognize that.

Kaneria had played honestly for the Pakistani team and that should be recognized.



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