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Rana Sanaullah Challenges Shehryar Afridi To Swear On Quran He Has Evidence Against Him

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PML-N politician Rana Sanullah, while on an interview on Geo News, said that Shehryar Afridi never had evidence against him.

The politician was asked how will we know that he is telling the truth in the case. He answered by saying that Afridi never swore by the Quran that he had the evidence needed to convict him.

He continued and said that Afridi kept on saying that he will give his life to Allah but that isn’t enough. Everyone will have to give their lives to Allah one day or another.

This interview comes in the aftermath of Sanullah’s release in the drug possession case. The Lahore High Court verdict had said that this case was example of political victimization.

Afridi had constantly boasted that he had the evidence to convict the PML-N politician but failed to produce any during the case. This led to a social media outcry against him.

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