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PM Imran Mistakes General Shujaat For ‘General Pasha’, Crowd Bursts Into Laughter

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In yet another slip of tongue, Prime Minister Imran Khan mistook founding rector of NUST, General Syed Shujaat, for former ISI chief General Pasha. The PM was immediately informed of the mistake by an official standing next to him, and he corrected himself. But the crowd had already burst into laughter upon hearing General Pasha’s name.

The PM was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST),

Twitter users reacted to the development.


General Syed Shujaat is the founding rector of NUST. Not only has he had an army career, he has also served in the bureaucracy where he’s played important roles in organisations like  WAPDA. An engineer by career, he has also served on various projects that were implemented FWO.

His work as the rector at NUST has allowed him to turn the varsity into an internationally reputed research institute.

The PM inaugurated the NTSP today, the brainchild of General Shujaat. According to the PM, this center will serve as a launchpad for the country’s researchers, academics and innovators.

The  NSTP will focus on agriculture technology, automobile technology, education technology, energy technology, defence technology, finance technology, health technology and smart technology, which will increase in number, scope and breadth in coming years.

He also added that the youth of the country should use this opportunity and should not be disheartened by any setbacks.


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