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PM Imran Brings Back Shehbaz Sharif’s Team In Punjab Bureaucracy

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a recent reshuffle of the bureaucracy in Punjab, has reinstated many who were once former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif’s top officials. This has been revealed in a report by Ansar Abbasi published in The News.

This reshuffle comes at a time when the PM is vowing to expand his anti-corruption drive. Imran Khan has been accusing the bureaucracy under Shehbaz Sharif of misusing power and engaging in corrupt practices.

The report has revealed that the reshuffle brings forth people who formed the top brass of Shahbaz Sharif’s development projects. These projects include the Lahore Orange Line, the Multan Metro and the Nandipur power project among others.

The team is led by Major (R) Azam Suleman who has now been made the Chief Secretary. Before this he was the Secretary of the Communications and Works Department in the Punjab under Shahbaz Sharif.

Similarly, Nabeel Awan, Abdullah Sumbal, Nadeem Mahboob, Javed Qazi, Sajid Dahl, all of whom were heading key departments under Shahbaz Sharif are now brought back under Buzdar as heads of new departments. All of them are either District Management Group or Pakistan Administrative Services officers.

Similarly, Sumair Syed, Ammar Khan, Ahsan Waheed, Naseem Sadiq, people right under Shahbaz Sharif as his Principle Secretary Officers are now holding important District Commissioner Officer positions in the province.

Lastly, Iftikhar Saho, who was the secretary planning under Shahbaz is now Buzdar’s Principle Secretary.

The questions that beckons us is whether or not Buzadar will be able to lead this team as efficiently as his predecessor did.

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