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Fifth Generation Warfare – An Affectee’s Story

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My heart, nerves, thoughts, feelings are pounding all the time, a constant feeling of agony and emptiness occupies me. I am a Muslim, believe in one God and believe in the finality of the Prophethood.

I am a Pakistani, born in a small city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I have never broken the law, instead vowed to protect it as was vowed by the founder of Pakistan. I was so passionate about my country that I got the same education as the founder, in the same country in which he did. I was very proud until I was diagnosed with a disease known as the ‘fifth generation war’.

The first thesis of the effects and symptoms of this disease, and also that something of this sort even exist, was put forward by (Dr.) Zaid Hamid around a decade ago; the man wearing a red hat who inscribed the nation that very soon a significant portion of population would be in the grip of this lethal and highly contagious disease.

The primary symptoms to be seen in the affectees would be their reluctance to be content with just what they have. The desire for inquiry, research, rights, privileges, respect, and all other intangible aspects a citizen of any country in general enjoys, are all symptoms of this ailment.

Unfortunately, there is no way of quarantining the ones who have not been affected yet. This is a highly transmissible disease as one is prone to being affected from being in the vicinity of an affected man or even something as little as phone could cause transmission if the prospective patient hears or sees something that he should not have.

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More recently, even some judges of the Supreme Court are also feared to have been showing symptoms of this noxious disease. This is alarming as the symptoms are seen everywhere.

In order to circumvent the outbreak, certain measures have been taken by the state. Those journalists who were in a critical condition after developing this disease have been marginalised for their own good as allowing them to speak their mind would have affected people with the disease in huge clusters. But since they have to do something for a living, YouTube is helping countless individuals who due to their apparent symptoms are unable to work. conventional jobs.

Similarly, some judges are also being treated with the best treatment available and the ones who are not that critical yet are being watched. One of these judges had to be discharged because he showed no sign of recovery – former Justice Mr. Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui.

More recently, thousands of students have been displaying signs of having been affected by this disease. Some were seen reciting poems of poets who in their lives were also diagnosed with this moralistically cancerous infirmity (perhaps with a different word), some were drumming others cheering, rejoicing the presence of a student’s father who was brutally smashed by the sane ones; yet others had to be ravished by the state and are being contained until the situation gets better from the state’s perspective.

If anything, government should perhaps setup some clinics for the affectees as it may not be possible for the state to constantly pursue the moves of each one of them, now that they are innumerable, expanded across various quarters of the society, rich and the poor; not to mention the ones in the middle or who were in the middle.

Although the regime does have a number of confidants who have been zealously working towards the initiative to minimize the effects of 5th Generation war, their attempts seem to be faltering as more and more are showing signs of this epidemic.

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I wish I could count on the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan and implore to have the reigns of law on ground and somehow help the citizens absolve themselves of this virus but unfortunately even the CJP was said to have shown the symptoms recently – when he suspended the notification of COAS’s extension in service.

The article is a piece of satire.



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  1. Sehrish farooq June 23, 2020

    Best writing skills which i have never seen


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