NayaDaur Studio - Getting ready to interview the Gharnata-fame warrior of 5th Generation

NayaDaur Studio - Getting ready to interview the Gharnata-fame warrior of 5th Generation
Ripple effects of upcoming elections

Election season is just round the corner. In the wake of massive political happenings, media men are chasing the ‘tales’, anchors are searching the means to justify their already settled ends, and analysts are all set to bring the heaven down with rhyme or reason. Expecting a big harvest in the offing, media owners are rubbing their hands in glee – the possibility of a third hand between the two rubbed ones can’t be ruled out.

Big game, no rubrics

The referee is going to blow the whistle. A spooky finger is on the push button. Racers have lifted their heels. There is no side screen in the race. It is no cricket, chessboard is far more complicated. Pawns don’t know who is moving them. Atmosphere is thick with loud bombast: ‘Hey presto, I have tons of beans to spill’. ‘No’, the Chorus chants, ‘You can’t, you just want to make a splash. We have enough pegs. We have enough pegs’, the Chorus goes on. Each has a long rope.

The Lady must not protest too much

As the gauntlet is thrown down, political parties, their leaders, cohosts, workers and recruits are running high – there is no holding back. They must show the spirit of the season. No lady should protest too much, not even the newly perched birds on foreign branches should complain for want of worms. It is a tight rope, decisive time nears. Results can make or mar us. Let it be so. Why they shouldn’t? We need a decisive match. But aren’t these waters already tested? Where is our La La Land?

Nayadaur jumps into the fray

In this atmosphere, Nayadaur has launched its studio. While it is not going to rival Murdoch in any case, its commitment to cover everything from NASA to Naseebo Lal shouldn’t be underestimated. With all sense of journalistic honesty and recently acquired rectitude, especially after the court verdict of last July, it assures the nation that it will keep an eagle-eye on the events. But at the same time, the gimlet-eyed eagle knows that it has to take care of PEMRA and the summer sun, and of a mundane affair, a trifling, called the budget.

Nayadaur Studio believes that the search of information is to sift a grain from dust. For starters, it has decided to interview anchors, columnists, analysts and editors. With all sense of propriety, they are called MRI (men of rare intelligence), so it is pertinent to say that the political pulse of the nation is felt though them, easily though not assuredly.

Dispatch is sent

For the first episode of ND Studio, a celebrated columnist of our country has been invited. He is extremely true Pakistani, much more than others. Though we can’t say with certainty if he lives in Gharnata or Bukhara or Spain and when ND message reaches him, he may be commanding a massive army in the deep recesses of history, riding the neighing steeds through the deserts of North Africa. ND also fears that if he storms in for interview, and if his massive troopers are also at his elbow, there must be a parking problem. Certainly, war-horses don’t like to be parked beside humble motorbikes of pagan origin.

Groundwork is on the anvil

Nayadaur is waiting anxiously for the arrival of its noble guest who is going to honor it with preliminary interview. Just wait and see. The horizons of journalism are going to be illuminated with the rising of a new sun. In the meantime, ND host is preparing for the interview. He is studying, or trying to study, history, the conquest of Gharnata, the fall of Romans, the effects of red moon on the political history, the return to the Jews to their Native Land etc. Before this, he had least idea what Gharnata or Red Moon are. In his confused effort, he started to read the summary of New Moon, a romantic fantasy. The editor warns him that he must be cognizant of entire history of mankind, history of religion, history of conquests, history of moon, if there is any, and its effects. He must know all the predictions so far made. The host has also memorized Iqbal’s famous poem, Ablees ki Majles e Shura’ (The Parliament of Lucifer). And reading this, he is beginning to feel queer sympathy with the Old Boy.

Time is ticking, thrill is on its peak, heart beat is abnormal, and so are active parts of brain. Anytime the guest can break in. Just wait for a while.