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Digitalisation To Revolutionise Lives Of Pakistanis: Digital Pakistan Head Tania Aidrus

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Tania Aidrus, the Google executive who has resigned from her job to join Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan Initiative, has said digitalisation would revolutionise Pakistan.

While speaking at the inauguration of ‘Digital Pakistan Vision’, Tania Aidrus said that it was the assurances of the prime minister that gave her the confidence to leave her job and come back to contribute to Pakistan.

She also spoke of the efforts Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Jahangir Tareen to convince her to work for the digital initiative in Pakistan.

Tania also revealed to the audience that she had identified five key areas which the government should focus on to create ‘building blocks’ and centralised strategies.

Here are the five areas she identified, focusing upon which the Digital Pakistan project would be initiated.

  • Access and Connectivity

Tania emphasised on the need to ensure that every Pakistani had access to the internet, which was a fundamental right that needed to be made available universally. She added that when a soldier posted in Siachen, who only got the opportunity to speak to his family members once a week, called his family, he would be able to talk without any issues.

  • Digital Infrastructure

She said that we needed to build a digital infrastructure that created the ability to carry out daily tasks using smart-phones in a secure and fast manner.

  • E-Government

Tania said that the digitalisation of intra-government operations and processes should be carried out to not only create a paperless environment but also ensure better delivery for citizens and businesses.

  • Digital Skilling and Literacy
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The former Google executive said that we needed to impart digital skills in our tech graduates which would help them to secure relevant jobs and compete globally.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Moreover, Tania Aidrus stressed on the fact that we needed to provide an enabling environment for our start-ups which would allow them to flourish.

Who is Tania Aidrus?

Tania was a senior executive at Google and has worked as ‘Country Manager – South Asia Emerging Markets’. Her work was focused increasing the adoption of products amongst consumers and businesses.

Tania Aidrus’s last engagement at Google was as ‘Director, Product, Payments for Next Billion Users’. Her work was focused on creating products and services aimed at addressing emerging trends and needs in growth markets.

Moreover, before her stint at Google, Tania had worked to establish a health diagnosis company called ClickDiagnostics, which aspired to connect rural patients in emerging markets to doctors around the world.

Tania holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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