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Second Edition Of TEDx In Thar Draws Huge Crowds

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The second edition of TEDxIslamkot was hosted at the Benazir Bhutto Complex Mithi and concluded as a successful event with jam-packed halls.

Despite the place being known as a drought-hit and economically deprived, the event witnessed a jam-packed hall. The speakers included Pakistan’s very own comedian, actor, rapper, script writer and waderay ka beta, Alli Gul Pir.

The speakers brought innovative ideas, inspiration, innovation and energy on the stage and left the audience awestruck. The crowded halls depicted the interest of local youth towards such platforms.

TEDx is an international community that operated with the moto of promoting new ideas. To make these talks special, informative and entertaining, the organisers engage in wild acts such as conducting a TEDx event on the Mount Everest, or in the desert of Thar for that matter.

The local speakers included Qazi Shahid Pervez, who talked about the economic transformation of Thar by addressing the national energy crisis. Javed Memon presented his paper on mitigation of livestock migration during periods of drought. Moreover, Sabeen Shah shared her inspiration journey of bringing educational reforms through community engagement programs.

The event also showcased local artists such as Pancho Pakistan, Manthar Jogge, and the very talented Nazakat Sadiq Faqir.

The participants had traveled from all over Pakistan to participate in the event. Majority of them had never been to this part of the country, which is only known for its misery. However, to their surprise, they were met with rainy weather in what they thought would be a barren desert.

Raj Kumar, a TEDx speaker and the licensee for TEDxIslamkot thanked the US Embassy Pakistan, HUBCO and Engro Foundation for making the event a reality through their generous support. He further said that he would be bringing the first ever TEDWomen conference in Thar next year.


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