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President Alvi Wonders Why Parliamentarians Not Legislating

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President Arif Alvi has expressed wonder over why parliamentarians are not legislating, and has termed legislation through ordinances a sad state of affairs.

In an interview with a TV journalist, the president was asked why the parliament had become an ordinance factory.

In response, President Alvi stated that he wanted to ask the parliament why they did not legislate.

“How will the country run without legislation? Why don’t they (parliamentarians) make laws and are fighting it out all the time?

In response to a question about if he was being forced to take autocratic shortcuts, the president asked rhetorically, “If they don’t make laws, should we stop running the country?”

He added that it was the responsibility of the parliament to make laws and if they fulfilled this responsibility, there would be no need for ordinances.

He further said, “I am not blaming the opposition only, these ordinances would stop when both the opposition and the government would work together to make laws.”


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