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Past Six Years Saw 33 Journalists Murdered: Report Reveals Troubling Statistics

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A report by the Freedom Network has revealed that at least 33 journalists were murdered in Pakistan during the past six years.

The report, titled ‘100% Impunity for Killers, 0% Justice for Pakistan’s Murdered Journalists: Crime and Punishment in Pakistan’s Journalism World’, included a ‘Pakistan Impunity Scorecard’, which reveals troublesome statistics about journalism in Pakistan.

According to the scorecard, a total of 32 FIRs were registered for the murder of 33 journalists, out of which only 20 cases were declared fit for trial. Out of these 20 cases, prosecution and trial was completed only for six cases.

In the cases that went to trial, only one case led to a conviction. Even in that case, the killer escaped punishment by overturning the conviction at the appeal stage, following which the family of the victim stopped pursuing the case owing to lack of resources.

In the past one year, seven journalists were murdered in Pakistan, with a charge-sheet filed by the police in only four out of seven cases. Moreover, none of the seven cases were given a verdict on by the court.

The Freedom Network stated that Pakistan had the highest rate of impunity for killers of journalists in the world.

The report, according to Freedom Network, was based on the examination of FIRs registered in the murder of journalists and interviews with the families, colleagues of the murdered journalists.


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Naya Daur