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In Pictures: Students March To Demand Freedom From State Repression

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Students across the country took to the streets today as part of the Students Solidarity March to demand for the right of political expression and freedom from state repression.

The march is taking place in more than 55 cities of the country with students calling for the ban on students unions to be lifted, inclusion in education policy making, constitution of sexual harassment committees and an end to privatisation of educational institutes. Moreover, they have also called for the demilitarisation of campuses, increased allocation of GDP for education, an end to discrimination and harassment based on language, ethnicity, gender and religion.

Chants of ‘students are alive’ were raised by Student Solidarity March participants. They raised slogans about how they had fought against dictators Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan and how they would continue to fight for their rights and freedom.

One of the major demands is the right to partake in political activities, including the right to assemble and protest.

Students have also demanded for the dimilitarisation of educational institutes. Posters calling for removing security personnel from universities of ex-FATA.

The demand for a greater allocation of the GDP to education has also been put forth by students. Students have also called the government to spend more on education instead of focusing on defense.

A reduction in tuition fees and the reversal of recent fee hikes has also been presented as a major demand by the students.

There have been demands to hold those responsible for the harassment scandal in University of Balochistan to be held accountable.

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