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PML-N Leadership Keeping Close Eye On Mole Within Its Ranks

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The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) top leadership has become aware of a mole within its ranks after it was observed that confidential discussions were in the knowledge of ‘intended recipients’ who were keeping a close eye on the party’s politics.

According to a report in The News, the suspected mole is a person close to Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, and has also acted as a messenger at times between the party leadership.

Party leaders became suspicious due to the unnecessary use of Apple AirPods by the said ‘mole’. A source told media that there was a device installed in that person’s AirPods that was used for spying, which could possibly even listen to whispers, with the conversation occurring near the pods being heard miles away.

The modus operandi of the suspect involved leaving the AirPods in the meeting or somewhere close to important leaders if they had to go somewhere else.

Suspicions about the mole were confirmed when it was noted that very confidential information discussed in close-door meetings reached ‘undesired elements’ within no time.

Spying through the AirPods is possible with the phone in one room and the pods in another by turning on the ‘Live Listen’ option.

Moreover, the suspect was often found without their phone, supposedly somewhere in a car parked at a distance. Suspicions grew as the person would regularly wear AirPods during the close-door meetings.

The spying did not come as a shock to party leaders as they were aware of the person’s relations with hostile elements.

A party leader stated to media, “At times, it becomes difficult to determine who is with us and who is against us.”

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The source also informed media that the suspect is currently being closely watched before they are confronted by the leadership.


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