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Pakistan’s Tourism Industry Has A Lot To Offer, Says Blogger Alyne Tamir

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Foreign bloggers and vloggers visit Pakistan frequently and promote its tourism industry by traveling to different areas of the country and sharing their experiences with their followers on social media.

American-Israeli traveller Alyne Tamir, 30, is a foreign blogger who is attempting to highlight the good side of Pakistan with her travel blog.

She has visited over 70 countries after starting her travel blog two years ago and landed in Pakistan after her visa got cleared.

The blogger, who is the fiancé of famous social media vlogger Nas Daily, said during an interview that she was interested in the life of Pakistani women. She said that the US media didn’t show much about women of Pakistan. “The image of Pakistan in the US is very negative and I had no idea of what it’s like for women here,” she said.

“I think knowing myself just how it is for women, just from travels in the world, in developing countries… I know what it’s like. I know that the upper-class women have a better life and the rural women have it harder. What I’m interested in is the average women and what is life like for her and what can be done to improve that,” she added.

After landing in Pakistan, Alyne visited Karachi and Lahore. She is now making her way up to the mountainous region in the northern areas of the country. Alyne is also the brains behind a Facebook page called Girls Gone Global.

She recently posted a viral video on Facebook in which she said that her views about the country and its people have changed during her travels.

“People think that Pakistan is dangerous. They think you’ll get kidnapped. This was the general impression of Pakistan that the media has shown and that we heard over the years,” she says in the video.

“This is why I’m excited to show you the home of Pakistan; a country that has a lot more to offer than you might have imagined. Once you see its cities, you’ll see the nature is incredibly underrated, the geography is undiscovered and the generosity of the people is unparalleled,” she added.

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