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Justice Isa Says Presidential Reference Part Of ‘Witch-Hunt’

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Justice Qazi Faez Isa has said in Supreme Court that the presidential reference filed against him was part of a ‘witch-hunt’ aimed at ‘silencing judges’.

According to a report in Express Tribune, in a rejoinder to the statement of the attorney general of Pakistan, Justice Isa stated, “The petitioner’s [Justice Isa] conduct does not show any lack of bona fides nor does he want to protract the process of accountability.”

He added that if the ‘process’ meant a false complaint and reference, it was nothing but a ‘witch-hunt aimed at silencing judges’.

Justice Isa further held that the government was making attempts to destroy the judiciary’s independence.

He added that the government’s objective was to make the judges subservient, and if they (judges) failed they would be subjected to surveillance, and would be ‘defamed, victimised and exposed to danger’.

He further stated that the government was attempting to destroy the independence of the judiciary.

The judge said that the material used against him and his family had been obtained through unauthorised and unlawful means through the sharing of confidential data by state agencies and organisations.

He added, ‘All this has been done because the powers that be did not approve of what the petitioner wrote as a judge,” adding that that the objective was to destroy the judiciary’s independence and make it subservient.

Justice Isa apprised the court that he was under no obligation to provide a money trail for his family’s properties, as his wife and children were not his dependents and he did not have information about their financial affairs.


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