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Backlash Over TikTok Star Hareem Shah’s Video In Foreign Office

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Famous Tik Tok personality Hareem Shah recently shared a video of herself in the Foreign Office, raising serious questions about how she got in such a sensitive place.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Hareem Shah could supposedly be seen in an empty room of the Foreign Office located in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. In the video, she can be seen walking around a table where foreign dignitaries sit, and then takes her place on the chair seemingly belonging to the one who chairs such meetings.

Sources have informed media that the room is located on the Foreign Office’s fourth floor, where high-level meetings between Pakistani foreign ministry officials and dignitaries from abroad are held. The video of the star was widely shared on social media, with one user saying that this was ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Though the video seems to be made with no ill-intent, people have not taken lightly to Hareem Shah videotaping herself sitting in one of the highest offices of the country. People have raised questions on the star violating the sanctity of the place. Many have also questioned the security measures in place which led to an ordinary person making their way into an office reserved for statespersons and foreign officials.

Another user asked that Hareem Shah was able to make her way into the building because of her beauty and fame, while this rule was not applicable to the rest of Pakistanis.

People also expressed their reservations about the disrespect to the ‘prestige of respected national institutions’. One user asked if anyone could hold such people accountable.

On a lighter note, journalist Mubashir Zaidi pointed out that people accepted Wajahat Saeed Khan inside the prime minister’s house but have taken an issue with Hareem Shah in the Foreign Office.

There have been cases where people in authority have made videos where they have been held accountable. Last month, three Pakistan International Airlines cabin crew members were issued warnings for making videos inside the cabin. In another incident, a female Airport Security Force officer was suspended for posting a video on TikTok. In yet another incident, an ordinary person was arrested for sitting on the chair of deputy commissioner of Charsadda.

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Users also pointed out how those people had faced action while no one is questioning an ordinary person making their way into an office of the federal government.

Hareem Shah is no stranger to making controversial videos. Recently, a TikTok video of her with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf member Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan had gone viral. But unlike this video, Chauhan had borne the brunt of criticism.

In response to the recent video going viral on social media, the TikTok star has issued a clarification regarding the matter. In an interview to a local TV channel, Hareem Shah stated that she had taken permission from the ‘authorised person’ and had then gone into the room. She added that the people who allowed her to enter were aware that she was making a video.


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