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Pakistani Scientist Earns Prestige For Himself And His Country At Cambridge

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A Pakistani scientist hailing from Balochistan is earning a name for himself and his country at the Cambridge Graphene Centre of the Cambridge University through his innovation and knowledge.

According to a report in Geo, Dr Yarjan Samad, was born in Buleda in Balochistan, to a working class family. He received his early education in public schools following which he graduated with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

The scientist’s father was himself without an education, but desired that his children work hard. Dr Samad received a scholarship from Abu Dhabi for his master’s and doctorate, and he went on to conduct research work at several prestigious institutions.

Dr Samad now teaches at the prestigious Cambridge University and works as a research scientist there. His story is one of hard work and persistence, and shows that with determination, one can work against the odds.

Since joining Cambridge University, Dr Samad has worked with scientists from the UK, Belgium and Italy, in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the French Space Agency Novespace on Graphene for Space Applications.

Dr Samad, in talks with media, spoke of his parents determination and the role of his teachers and friends in his making. Elaborating on his work, he stated that he was working on materials and devices used in projects on cooling in space.

He is also currently working to create enabling materials and sensors to give a better understanding of tissue repair and wound healing in space. He also stated that he was finding ways to split water on the surface of the moon into hydrogen and oxygen, with the oxygen being used for breathing and the former being used as fuel.

Dr Samad also spoke of his pride in his work and that his work and character was defined by his background.

He stated, “It feels great when people recognise me as a Pakistani, that’s who I am. People see you and recognise your face when they work with you.”

He further stated that after talking with people, their perception about Pakistan changes. Dr Samad expressed regret over Pakistan lagging behind in scientific research and innovation.

He stated that Pakistan was ahead of developed countries when it came to human resource and talent but lagged behind when it came to work carried out by research organisations and institutions.

He further apprised media that he was working with scientists and advisers at leading institutions and research organisations in the UK to help Pakistan.

Dr Samad intends to return to serve Pakistan after the completion of his current projects.

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