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Pakistani Dramas’ Portrayal Of Women

Drama industry in Pakistan has made a lot of progress and Pakistani dramas have always been popular across the world. Now we see some new topics being addressed in these stories but while we see stereotypes being challenged in these dramas, they are also reinforced at the same time.

What a ‘good woman’ is, her appearance and a bad woman and if a woman is shown successful in her professional life, Then her personal life always fails and a wailing woman always ends up being successful [in these stories]

Heroine’s character is always an oppressed damsel in distress which is why the story comes into the limelight and that [oppressed] woman is promoted because the confident woman, one who can speak up for her rights, cannot be the heroine

Tanzila Mazhar discusses how Pakistani dramas stereotype women and show them as damsels in distress. The concept of a strong, career-oriented woman seems to be lost on the TV writers.

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