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Fatima Sohail Gets Khula From Mohsin Abbas

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Fatima Sohail and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider have divorced following the Lahore Family Court’s approval of the former’s request for Khula and issuing of a decree in this regard.

Both Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas appeared in court with their lawyers. Fatima Sohail stated before Judge Babar Nadeem that she could no longer remain with her husband due to irreconcilable differences.

On the other hand, Mohsin Abbas testified, “I, too, no longer wish to remain with Fatima Sohail. We have no reservations; the court should issue the decree.”

Following statements from both sides, the court issued the decree.

In July, Fatima Sohail had alleged that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her husband. The actor had reportedly beat her after she had found him cheating. Mohsin Abbas, on the contrary, denied the allegations of abuse.

Following the allegations, Pakistani celebrities Osman Khalid Butt and Mahira Khan, among others, had criticised Mohsin Abbas and had expressed their shock on the incident.

Moreover, Mohsin Abbas had been removed from his show, Mazaaq Raat. A lower court in Lahore had also found the actor guilty of threatening his wife.


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