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People Are Saying We Can Bring Girls From Kashmir: Haryana CM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar too has joined the ranks of those who are now talking openly about the Kashmiri women in an insulting manner, as he said that “if [sex] ratio is fine, then there will be balance in society”.

Manohar on Friday said people were claiming that Kashmiri women can be brought to the state for marriage after the revocation of Indian-held Kashmir’s special status was revoked.

“You know Haryana is infamous for its bad sex ratio and female foeticide, but we started a campaign that brought our sex ratio up from 850 to 933. This is a big work of social change.”

“Anyone, young and old alike, can understand how this [poor sex ratio] would create a problem in the future…that there will be fewer women and more men,” Khattar added.

“So our Dhankhar ji said we will have to bring girls from Bihar. Now some people are saying Kashmir has been opened, we can bring girls from Kashmir also. Jokes aside, if [sex] ratio is fine, then there will be balance in society.”

There have been a flood of misogynistic comments, with many people expressing views on marrying Kashmiri women, since the revocation of Article 370.

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This also removed Article 35-A of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution, which gave the state power to define permanent residents of the territory and provided them special rights and privileges, including the right to own land. Under the now repealed article, a female resident of Jammu and Kashmir would lose her property rights and the status of being a state subject if she married someone from outside the state. The provision also applied to the children of the women.

On Wednesday, BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh Vikram Singh Saini said that Muslim party workers should be happy after the Centre’s decisions as they “can now marry the fair-skinned women of Kashmir”.


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