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BJP Is A Fascist party, Has Pushed The Indian Opposition To The Wall: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday described the BJP as a fascist party which, he said, had pushed the opposition in India to the wall.

“What happened yesterday has only confirmed my suspicion [about India’s unwillingness to talk]. This is not a decision they [the BJP] have taken out of the blue. It was part of their election manifesto all along. It is, in fact, ingrained in their ideology that puts Hindus above all other religions and seeks to establish a state that represses all other religious groups,” said the prime minister.

“What they did in Kashmir is in accordance with their ideology. They have a racist ideology,” he declared. They had violated the laws of their own country and also international laws to uphold their ideology, said Imran.

“They will now crack down even harder on the Kashmiri people. They will try to suppress the Kashmiri resistance with brute force. I fear that they may initiate ethnic cleansing in Kashmir to wipe out the local population.”

Imran was addressing a joint session of the Parliament to discuss the future course of action after India’s decision to revoke Article 370 of its constitution, stripping Occupied Kashmir of its special status. He was absent from the Parliament when the session began in the morning, but arrived to deliver a policy statement in the evening.

He expressed the fear that the Pulwama-like incidents are bound to happen again.” I can already predict this will happen. They will attempt to place the blame on us again. They may strike us again, and we will strike back.”

“What will happen then? They will attack us and we will respond and the war can go both ways […] But if we fight a war till we shed the last drop of our blood, who will win that war? No one will win it and it will have grievous consequences for the entire world. We want the global leadership to take note.”

“My party and I are taking the responsibility to approach the leaders of the world and apprise them of what is happening in Kashmir. I know the Western world, and I feel like they are not sufficiently aware of what is happening in Kashmir. I will inform them that what the Indian government is doing in Kashmir and what it is doing to Muslims and minorities in India goes against everything the Western world believes in.”


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