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100 New Dengue Cases Identified In Rawalpindi Village

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RAWALPINDI: A dengue emergency has been declared in Rawalpindi after the number of patients suffering from the viral fever reached 330. Health officials also confirmed 118 cases of dengue from a single village located in the south of the city while only 24 cases have so far been reported from Islamabad.

According to details, a high-level meeting of the Federal Health Ministry was held under the chairmanship of Federal Health Secretary Dr Allah Baksh Malik to review the rising incidents of dengue virus in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The participants of the meeting reviewed the situation and recommended measures to control the spread of dengue fever in the twin cities.

Addressing the meeting, Dr Malik said that the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health had already informed hospitals to take all necessary measures that focus on preventive care, provision of diagnostic facilities and availability of extra beds in the general wards.

Further, he stressed upon coordination among all authorities concerned to mitigate the dengue issue at the earliest. He said different teams were constituted in Islamabad who were responsible for closely coordinating with the Rawalpindi District Health Authority to control the rapid spread of dengue virus in the city.

The meeting was also informed that a concrete action plan in connection with dengue would be implemented shortly, which would include identifying and eradicating mosquito breeding grounds, covering exposed water containers at homes and in public/private buildings, storing old tires in dry places and other relevant measures.

Dengue Emergency In Rawalpindi

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After declaring a dengue emergency in Rawalpindi, around six teams, comprising of sanitary workers and malaria supervisors, have been created along with 136 teams of Lady Health Workers (LHWs). These teams would visit houses and other places to identify and destroy dengue larvae.

The Federal Health Ministry meeting also confirmed that a Dengue Control Cell was made functional under the supervision of the district health officer. As part of this initiative, different teams have been constituted for indoor and outdoor dengue surveillance in the twin cities. These teams would go from door-to-door to create dengue awareness among the general population.

The meeting was also apprised that the 118 new dengue patients confirmed in Rawalpindi belonged to Mohra Nagyal village and were receiving treatment for the disease.

Moreover, it was also discussed during the meeting that hospitals in the federal capital have been sharing data of suspected dengue patients with the assistant district health officers on a daily basis.

In addition, the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) was given the task to implement anti-dengue measures in the urban areas of the capital. Speaking at the meeting, the IMC Health director-general assured the participants that dengue virus has been brought under control with the help of all stakeholders involved.

He also said that the total number of dengue cases in the federal capital were limited to 12 cases only.

On the other hand, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) said that 24 new dengue patients have been admitted to the hospital in the last 24 hours.

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According to Pims spokesperson, at least 150 cases of dengue patients have been admitted to the hospital after the outbreak of the disease. A 10-bed isolation ward has also been setup in the hospital for dengue patients to reduce the chances of the virus spreading to other patients in the facility, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, the Civil Defence Department (CDD) formed dengue surveillance teams in Rawalpindi which carried out inspection of the district court. The teams destroyed dengue larvae which they found at different places inside the court limits.

Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner Ali Randhawa has directed anti-dengue teams to ensure the inspection of the district court and judicial complex on a daily basis.


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