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Reactions To India Loss Against England: Dhoni Widely Criticized For ‘Baffling’ Chase

In light of India’s loss against England in the ICC World Cup match on Sunday, several commentators from  Pakistan, India and the international cricket community pitched in on what caused India’s defeat. India’s national cricket team had been unbeaten since this fateful match, which is likely to be the reason why so many commentators and observers were disappointed.

According to Sourav Ganguly, former Indian captain, India lost the match for two primary reasons – Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma struggled to score substantially in the first 10 overs and the performance of Dhoni and Pandya in last 5 overs.

“It was hard to explain the approach of Dhoni and Jadhav, they were scoring at a run-a-ball when sixes and fours were needed,” Ganguly said.

Shoaib Akhtar and Waqar Younis also pitched in.

The former Chief Minister of Indian Occupied Kashmir Omar Abdullah cast doubts on the state of the team’s morale and motivation by hinting at how the performance may have been better if India’s place in the semi finals was at stake rather than that of Pakistan or England.

Several fans and observers online also defended Dhoni by quoting his track record as a chaser.


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