PM Imran in US: opportunity to refresh relations

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PM Imran in US: opportunity to refresh relations

ISLAMABAD: Addressing a seminar on “Pakistan-US Relations: Way Forward” in Islamabad on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan has been facilitating the US-Taliban talks in good faith, underscoring that it remains a shared responsibility. The Minister said the convergence in Pakistan and the US policies on Afghanistan has rekindled the hope for resolution of the protracted Afghan conflict.

It is appropriate for Islamabad and Washington to work for broader engagement from Afghanistan to bilateral economic cooperation and trade cooperation to peace and stability in South Asia, he added.

The Foreign Minister believes a constructive and cooperative approach is the best option for Pakistan and the United States to realize common objectives of peace and security in the region and bring prosperity to the people of South Asia, radio Pakistan reported.

Qureshi expressed confidence that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s upcoming visit to the United States will help in ushering an era of stability and prosperity in South Asia and the broader region.

He said the Prime Minister will highlight his vision for peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia. He said Pakistan is mindful to the US priorities regarding Afghanistan.

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