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US Senate Votes To Block Multibillion Dollar Saudi Arms Deal

The US Senate has voted to block the multi-billion dollar Saudi arms deal. A deal which was pushed through by the President himself, bypassing Congress citing security threats to the Kingdom from its rival Iran.

The Republican-led Senate however in a surprise move voted to block the deal from going through. According to BBC News, the Senate passed three resolutions to prevent the sale.

President, on the other hand, is promised to veto the Senate’s decision. President Trump had bypassed Congress invoking federal law. According to Trump, the ongoing tensions with Iran accounted for a national emergency whereas the arms sale was a matter of urgency.

Capitol Hill, on the other hand, didn’t go with Trump’s opinion and rather feared that the said arms including precision-guided bombs could be used in Yemen.

The Senate’s blockage of the deal comes as Iran shot down a US military drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Trump has already warned that Iran had made a ‘big mistake’.

The Trump administration might argue in the wake of the recent incident of a military drone being shot down by the Iranian Revolutionary guards, how important the deal in question is.

In a statement, the White House said blocking the sale “would send a message that the United States is abandoning its partners and allies at the very moment when threats to them are increasing”.

It is important to note that seven Republicans voted to block the sales deal hence disagreeing with the administration and taking a rather principled stance.

“The reason I’m voting [to block the sale] is to send a signal to Saudi Arabia that if you act the way you’re acting, there is no space for a strategic relationship,” said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.


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